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We’ve been in the IT business for more than 20 years, so we know about change. But we’ve never altered our commitment to you. Count on Kober to quickly solve your tech dilemmas, big or small.



You want the best
bang for your buck.

We know how to get it.

Our History

A lot has changed since we started and we
have changed with it.

Our Partners

Teaming up
to stay ahead of
the curve


Experience yields
smart answers.


At Kober, we’ve got both. Our professional team brings
real world solutions to your challenges that will help deliver the returns you need on the investments you require.


We can help you:

• Plan a custom IT system geared for growth

• Design the most cost-effective infrastructure for your

• Manage IT services on a contract basis

• Develop and implement secure backup services

• Improve security



We’re older than email (as we know it)

A lot’s changed since Kober Computers first started offering full service and computer IT solutions back in 1992. But we’ve always been up to the challenge, and

by hooking up with the smartest partners along the way, we’ve managed to stay in front of the pack.


Kober partner Netflash Internet Solutions is established; internet connectivity improves!


Kober partner Backup Barracks begins offering intelligent, modern backup systems. Users rejoice!



After 22 years serving home and business users, Kober continues to run at optimal speed. Let us help you
keep pace.


Kober Computers is founded; computer viruses begin
to worry.


Email first appears. People find more reasons to turn

to Kober.


Your one stop shop.


The internet’s changed since ’92. We partnered with the best to change with it.

Established in 1996, Netflash Internet Solutions is dedicated to finding the perfect networking solution for you, whether you’re a small business, large corporation or a home user in need of IT answers. We work with you to determine your needs; you leave it to us to engineer and implement an optimal system custom-crafted for you.

Backup Barracks has been putting peace of mind into the cloud since 2005. Whether you’re a home user with precious files to hang onto or a business in need of financial-grade encryption, our patented cloud backup technology and recovery solutions offer a safe, smart way to protect your most important data assets.



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