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We have solutions for any type of IT requests including expertise on getting the most from your home computer -- no task is too big or too small for our team of experts. Our sister companies Netflash Internet Solutions and Backup Barracks make us a one-stop shop for all your home IT needs.




Custom service ensures you’re connected in the best possible way

Hardware & Software

Technology changes

fast. We’ll help you stay
up to date


Call us, visit us, or let us come to you. We’ve got the solution


Offering top brands.


No matter what kind of computer you use, Kober’s got you covered. Our expert staff have access to major manufacturers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and many more, so we’re able to offer a wide range of products, all backed by our trademark quality customer service.



Building custom connections.


Everyone’s got different needs. Whether your system requirements are simple or complex, we’ll assess and install the smartest solution for your home setup.


Custom built computers

You know what you need. We’ll put it together
for you.


Home Consultation

We’ll design and install whatever networks you need in your home.


System Cleaning and Maintenance

From dusty fans to bogged-down hard drives, we’ll get your system back in shape.




Friendly experts, fast service.


Say goodbye to the stranger on the end of the line. Whether you opt for on- or off-site service, the same
Kober expert will be there for you every time you call. Familiar service makes troubleshooting a breeze. And a familiar voice? Well that just makes trouble disappear.


We can help with:

• Diagnostics and repair

• System cleanup

• Upgrades

• Virus/spyware removal


• Formatting/reloading

• Data backup

• Special requests?
   We’ll do those too


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